Adventureland teaches us another lesson about touring—Don’t rush it. If you do, you’ll find yourself within a few seconds outside of it, partly because the path leading through Adventureland alone is practically no more than fifty yards. Stop and taste the Dole Whip. Behind it is The Enchanted Tiki Room. Simple in execution, it’s Walt Disney’s first audio animatronic creation. It’s simple, yet wonderful—especially to those who have enjoyed it for so many decades.

Next-door is the infamous Jungle Cruise—perhaps the biggest attraction when Disneyland opened in 1955. Don’t judge the attraction by its entrance. There’s a jungle out there—and your boat will explore it.

The same thing could be said for the vine-laden Cambodian Temple that houses the entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure. That attraction is so enormous that its queue takes you outside the train tracks of Disneyland to get to its show building. The Jeep ride is truly one-of-a-kind, and considered one of the best of the best.

Even the simplest attraction in Adventureland may just be above the rest—literally. It’s Tarzan’s Treehouse. It’s just a unique walk through attraction in a tree that is a species unto itself. Definitely do not rush Adventureland. Take time to get lost in the jungle.

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