*FREE service

    Using a travel agent comes at no cost to you!  You will pay the same price that you pay directly with Disney.  There are NO mark ups and NO hidden fees.


  A travel agent will monitor your vacation even after you book and will apply any promotions or discounts to save you money. Travel agents often offer many booking incentives such as personalized bags, gift cards, and on board credits, just ask!


   Travel agents are experts at what they do, have been to these various destinations many times, and have been trained as specialists.  They will do all of the planning to ensure your vacation is the very best it can be, saving you time and energy.


   A travel agent will get to know you, what you are looking for, who is traveling with you, your budget, and we will connect you with the perfect destination.


    A travel agent is your travel advocate and will be here for you from start to finish of your vacation. Our customer service is top notch and is what sets us apart from many in the industry.

*Destination Magic is affiliated with Exclusive Travel Partners, where you are ALWAYS the V.I.P.

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